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McKinsey-Bound Senior Sells Soul in Senior Sale

Paisley types up her PDF.
CAMBRIDGE, MA — On Tuesday, Katherine E. Paisley ’18, who will be working for McKinsey & Company after graduation, announced over the Eliot House email list that she is selling her soul as part of her senior sale.

Paisley detailed the condition of the soul in a handy, 18-page PDF that she attached to the email: “Originally a small, shrank in the consulting recruitment process, now fits like an XXS. Gently used. Useful for some Ethical Reasoning courses.”

She added, "$7 OBO." No juniors have responded yet, as most would need to get rid of it come fall.
Paisley is hopeful that someone will buy it. “You don't even realize you're collecting useless junk over the course of college, like cute Etsy signs and a sense of ethics, and then you have to figure out what to do with all of it when you move to NYC," she explained. "Apartment sizes there are just too small to have a soul lying around.”

Her email included a limited-time offer: If students put in a bid in the next 24 hours, she would throw in her moral compass for free.
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