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Prefrosh Who Took SAT and Prefrosh Who Took ACT Have Literally Nothing to Talk About

This new friendship is not going well.

THE YARD — Two prospective members of the Class of 2022—one of whom took the SAT and the other of whom took the ACT—found during Visitas that they had literally nothing to talk about.

Sarah E. Kim, a 17-year-old from Connecticut, got a 1580 on her SAT. Matt R. Murphy, an 18-year-old from Iowa, got a 36 on his ACT. Once it became apparent that standardized test scores would not work as a conversation starter, Kim and Murphy realized they do not know anything about any other topics.

"It was painful," said Kim, twisting her lanyard in her hand. "He said that his sister took the SAT, so I asked what she got, and he said that she took it when it was still out of 2400. What the heck am I supposed to do with that?"

Murphy tried to strike up a conversation about the differences between the tests, such as the ACT's science section, before coming to the conclusion that nobody cared. Kim and Murphy did manage to bond over their mutual pity for Lila R. Nelson, Kim's Visitas roommate, who did poorly enough on the SAT that she had to take both tests.

The budding friendship took at hit when Kim asked Murphy what he got on his AP exams, only to learn that Murphy went to an IB school.

At press time, the two were promising to meet up next year to discuss the results of their Language Placement Exams over Veritaffles in Annenberg.

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