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Preliminary Draft of Winter Weather Advisory - FAS to Remain Ajar

You can almost here the carriagehorses -- clop, clop, clop -- as they pull their chase to Pete's Capital One on a fine winter's day.


Hi Claudine! Here’s the first draft of the Winter Weather Advisory to go out to the students tomorrow. As a former member of the Harvard Advocate, I’ve taken a few tasteful creative liberties to really whet the students’ appetite for the oncoming lack of snow day. Let me know what you think! 

x Leslie 



To my dearest members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences community, and to those with whom they cohabitate~


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Harvard University has been attentively staring out of their Georgian windows pondering the continued brumal conditions expected to lay waste to our quaint cityscape tonight and continue into the morning commute on the morrow.

The Faculté des Arts et Sciences shall remain ajar on Tuesday, with all engagements to be held as preordained.  However, we will continue to observe the little flits of snow—graceful yet delicate, one of a kind—as they flutter from the heavens and affix themselves—against their will, the poor souls—to the buttresses and steeples of our dear Cambridge, and should any changes be necessary, a communication pamphlet will be fastened to the message board betwixt Canaday and Thayer.  

Though we anticipate remaining ajar, the corporeal wellbeing of our pupils, faculté, and Harvard Advocate Business Board is paramount. We understand that travel may prove a challenge—nay, impossible—come Tuesday. Thus, those among this esteemed community who need alter their itinerary due to perilous peregrination conditions, or simply due to personal circumstances (such as childcare “preoccupations”) should make themselves known to their supervisors by ascending to their roofs and shouting so. 

Should circumstances of a higher Deus warrant an amendment to the aforementioned course of action, I will follow with a secondary epistle first thing upon dawn’s first light and a post on



Leslie A. Kirwan

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