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Science Center E Regrets Linking with Science Centers A-D

The projector and Science Center E are also currently not talking.

After forty years of half-hearted texts and occasional birthday get-togethers, Science Center E has finally admitted that linking with Science Centers A-D has not been as good as he had originally hoped.

“I’m so happy that we’re only a staircase away from each other and all,” said E, “but it just feels like I never see them anymore.”

B was not surprised. “I knew that this would happen from the beginning. C was always the closest to him, but ever since she got Science and Cooking, she’s been pretty preoccupied. I guess the rest of us just kind of forgot about E.”

But E remembers it differently. “I miss the way we used to hang out, when we were all in the same entryway” said the abandoned lecture hall, referring to the cinder block warehouse where the five friends had originally met. “I don’t even know what they’re up to anymore.”

At press time, A through D were hanging out with their “honorary linkmate,” the Greenhouse Cafe. 

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