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Section Kid Leads Own Class in Midst of Bomb Threat

Chris Jefferson '17 performs a simple organic chemistry problem as other students evacuate the building.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Harvard’s campus was rocked earlier this morning by bomb threats that caused several of the campus's main buildings to be closed and many classes to be cancelled.

However, the threats did not stop known section kid Chris Jefferson ’17 from pursuing his rigorous course of study. Jefferson swiftly took matters into his own hands as, ten minutes into his Organic Chemistry section, the Science Center was evacuated and Jefferson’s TF advised his class to exit the building.

Thinking quickly, Jefferson sprinted up to the chalkboard and picked up the lesson right where his TF had left off. He eagerly explained aldehydes to the one freshman in his class who had stayed behind until two HUPD offers forcibly removed both from the building.

Jefferson is on both a pre-med and pre-law track, and is concentrating in Biomedical Engineering with a secondary in Theater, Dance, and Media and a language citation in German, which "you should really ask [him] about." He said that when he heard about the bomb threats he was “immediately concerned” because he has four classes on Monday and did not want to miss one second of any of them. “Time is precious. We only have four years to take the 8,000-plus courses that Harvard offers," said Jefferson, visibly shaken.

At press time, Jefferson was seen giving a free lecture on Microeconomics in Harvard Yard for EC10 students who had been evacuated from Sanders Theater due to the threats.

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