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Student Attends Athletic Event

Chris Colman '10 crossed the Charles River, heading for the
recycling center. But when he accidentally entered Harvard Stadium, he found
himself surrounded by a whole different type of garbage.

"I was looking for a couch for my common room,"" remarked
Chris, "but I guess I made a wrong turn. It was a total accident." An "accident"
that has ignited a sense of purpose in over a dozen Harvard College athletic
teams and clubs.

"There's just this feeling, I almost can't explain,"
remarked football player Tim Derbowsky '11. "The knowledge that someone cares
about what you're doing on the field. Even if they aren't looking up and don't
respond to your waving so much, you still know they care."

Colman stayed for almost an entire quarter of the football
game before he managed to find a weak spot in the human barricade set up by the
band and ran out of the stadium. The band played a variation on a Neil Diamond
classic, filling the stadium with sounds of "Sweet Christopher."

"You could tell he didn't really want to leave," said
Derbowsky. "He was just so modest that he couldn't bear to watch the
cheerleaders make countless attempts to spell out his name vertically."

The miracle repeated itself later that week, when Colman
graced the Women's soccer team with his presence. Colman, however, remained
humble. "Total coincidence, I swear. I really need to buy a fucking

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