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Students Can’t Tell if Professor is Racist or Just Passionate about American History

It is often difficult to say for sure whether the professor is being outright offensive.

BOSTON, MA—Throughout the first few weeks of class, a History professor who chose to remain unnamed has been reported to make comments, “that are just a little bit off,” in the words of one mildly concerned student. 

During a lecture on 19th century immigration, the professor said, “Certain groups from certain countries were just better. You know? Overall better. For society, for the economy, and for the country. Due to ‘political correctness,’ I’m not gonna name names. But you all know who I’m talking about.” According to a few sources, the professor followed up this comment with a wink. 

When asked about the frequency of these uncomfortable and slightly offensive comments, students tend to agree that it is often difficult to say for sure whether the professor is being outright offensive. “I mean, technically speaking, everything he says is historically accurate. But there’s always this little something extra that doesn’t seem right.”

One of the more memorable moments in the class, according to one of the Teaching Fellows, was when the film “Birth of a Nation” was discussed. “It was almost as if the professor actually liked the movie,” said the TF. Students shifted uncomfortably in their seats, texting their classmates, as the professor praised the film with comments such as “This film was revolutionary. Simply amazing technique, harnessing emotions and the zeitgeist in a wonderful way. It’s incredibly offensive, of course, but… just a cinematic masterpiece.”

Some of the more outspoken members of the class have raised formal complaints, about which the professor was shocked. “I’m definitely not racist. You know who was actually racist? Robert E. Lee. Never mind that he was also one of the smartest military leaders this country has ever seen, or generally regarded as handsome.”

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