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Things Dean Khurana Is Doing Now Harvard Is De-Densified

Dean Khurana admiring his land
Dean Khurana smiles upon finally fulfilling his dreams.

1) Mashing up everything on the LamCaf menu and taking a bite. Just one, to see what it tastes like.
2) Finally touching the statues at the back of Annenberg.
3) Skiing down Widener steps.
4) Wondering out loud if "De-Densify" is going to be the new "Transformative".
5) Deciding, reluctantly, it isn't.
6) Flossing. Also flossing. Oral hygeine is very important to Dean Khurana.
7) Staring at the wall in Lamont for 72 hours straight.
8) Egging the Final Clubs. (TP'ing them is out for obvious reasons.)
9) Grabbing a massive bowl of popcorn, spreading out in the best seat in Science Center C, turning down the lights, and marathoning Wall-E, Moana, and the entire collected works of Quentin Tarantino.
10) Calling Ghostbusters.
11) Riding the high-speed elevators in the Smith Center up and down and up and down.
12) Watching the people playing chess outside the Smith Center and pointing out moves they could do.
13) Saving the rap game.
14) Turning the Science Center into a secret fort using every pillow and blanket on campus.
15) Deciding to start a gang.
16) Watching West Side Story after Googling "What is a gang"?
17) Walking up to the front desk at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, explaining that he already speaks Latin, and demanding he be taught Rindge.
18) Reading a memo on Y2K readiness that he was supposed to have read in 1998.
19) Carrying a boombox with him everywhere, but it's just playing Piano Man on repeat.
20) Sack races with Larry Bacow.

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