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Top 10 Tricks for Flirting Through Your Canvas Discussion Board Comments

With this photo as my profile pic, I'll definitely get things going on canvas!
  1. Spice things up by taking a contradictory stance. Guys and gals love nothing more than a good devil's advocate that bounces off their points.

  2. Don't be afraid to break out the thesaurus! Employ brobdingnagian lexemes so your crush is impressed with your vocabulary. 

  3. Consider leaving your comments early in the morning. If they have the canvas app, your notification will be the first thing they see when they wake up.

  4. Alternatively, you could submit your comments slightly past their deadlines so your special someone knows you don’t care about the rules.

  5. Don't comment on your crush's submission every week because it will seem forced. You might be on a two-year dry spell, but there's no need to make it obvious to the rest of us.

  6. You may also be tempted to use the "like" function to signal your interest. This is a classic mistake. Nobody ever uses it, so if you do you’ll look like a complete weirdo. They’ll immediately lose all interest.

  7. End every comment with a "what do you think?" to get the conversation going.

  8. Punctuation matters! Try to maintain a 1:2 exclamation point to period ratio when you’re driving a point home. It's just enough to show interest but any more would appear overenthusiastic.

  9. A good profile picture can go a long way. Most of the amateurs out there use their default ID picture on canvas, but if you go to the "account" tab you can set yourself apart from the pack with a cute headshot of you from your 7th grade piano recital!

  10. Make sure not to talk to them in person. You don't want to mess up the beautiful thing you have going online.

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