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Vote ‘NO’ For UC President

Underdrads must vote 'NO'

By the Satire V Editorial Board

Although it may seem to the casual observer that there has been a lot of voting going on lately, it turns out that we haven’t had quite enough. Even after the midterms, and HoCo elections, and the last season of American Idol, which is apparently still going on, the UC election provides one more chance to make your voice heard, even though someone already won. This is why we strongly encourage you to vote ‘NO’ for UC President.

You may have heard about the differences between the tickets, or maybe you haven’t, or maybe you heard that voting is over, but either way we believe that anyone running for UC President is inappropriate at this time. It would be an irresponsible use of your time to vote for any of these tickets, which even if they win, will be entirely symbolic. Voting is a complex and multifaceted political tactic, one which is explicitly designed to gauge student opinion, which is why the only ethical choice is to vote ‘NO’ to strongly oppose electing a UC President.

The price of laundry, the environmental consciousness of our campus, and the inclusivity of our spaces are all issues that hit us where it hurts, but it seems futile to vote for a ticket unless it will actually effect change in our community. In fact, by voting for anything other than ‘NO’ for President, one is simply indicating to the faculty that we are ok with the status quo, and no change is needed. In the words of infamous anarchist Dr. Horrible, “the status is not quo,” and we therefore believe that for President you must vote ‘NO’.

This editorial solely represents the majority view of the Satire V Editorial Board

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