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Historical Advice Column: Ask Patty

Dear Patty,

I'm faced with a bit of a dilemma.  I've been ruling France for about 10 years now, and don't get me wrong; it's been great. I've instituted sweeping reforms, and defeated both Austria and Prussia.  But I feel like it's just not enough any more.  I'm getting itchy feet and feel like it's about time to stage another invasion.  I was thinking of Russia, but I'm just not sure.  How do I know if I'm ready to wage another large-scale war yet?

- Questioning Corsican


If you're on a hot streak, now's not the time to chill out!  It sounds like your patience is in short supply, so I say go with the flow and try it out.  Besides, if you don't go for it, someone else is just going to come along and try himself.

Dear Patty,

I feel like my marriage is hitting a bit of a dry spell.  I've been so busy preserving the union that I completely forgot about my own!  And while I think my beard has really helped me look distinguished in my political career, my wife says it's a bit of a turn off.  I really love her, and I want to help put that spark back into my marriage.  Any suggestions?

- Appreciate your two cents


Balancing your home and work life is always tricky.  One of the most important things to do is to try and think of fun activities that you both enjoy.  If you're tired from work, you can even think of something that will be relaxing.  Maybe go see a play?  Sometimes, seeing other's drama will really help clear your own head.

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