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How Dare You Appropriate A Tragedy For A Political Position That Is Not Mine?

Once again, I am astounded by mankind's seemingly boundless capacity to ignore my incontrovertibly correct beliefs.

I just want to ask you all: how dare you? I am shocked--SHOCKED, I say--to find that many of you are appropriating this tragedy for political gain that I don’t personally agree with. I have seen too many Facebook statuses, Twitter links, and poorly written Tumblr posts that deviate in some slight way from my own deeply held and strangely specific ideologies.

Why can’t you just all come together to understand that I’m right?

Can’t we all come together and bond over this tragedy in a way that advances my agenda? Why is it that when we share a video of a crying child, it’s not also followed a breakdown of my political points? When we try to benefit from tragedy, we take away from the victims. And also from me. And the victims who a Bataan Death March-style advance of my political agenda would benefit.

If we just all agreed on my point, maybe we could come together and stop fighting about this issue.

I don’t get why no one is willing to come to the table to discuss exactly not only why my view is the only correct one, but also why if you don’t agree you’re a bad person who probably supports some kind of military-industrial complex. I’m not sure what that is, exactly, but it sounds bad.

So let’s agree to agree. I’m right. We should spread love, not hate. Unless it’s hate directed at people who don’t agree with me. 


Image source: Ron Frazier/Flickr

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