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I’m Not Racist, My Favorite Artists are Black

lana del rey
You guys are sick racist freaks, frankly, for making it all about race.

Now this is my absolute FINAL last concluding ultimate endmost thing I have to say on this matter. When I made the post about the oppression I have been through as a white woman, YOU guys made it about race. Everyone has taken my words out of context. I am not racist. In fact, I'll have you know that some of my favorite artists are black.  

I grew up listening to prominent black artists. Such as Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, and Alf from the tv show, Alf. The fact that some of you people would even make this matter about race is sickening. Just ask all these artists if I’m racist.

I mentioned artists like Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, and Kehlani because I’m such a big fan of their music. And everyone knows in order for someone to make any valid argument you have to bring other people in and pit them against yourself. That's just simple debate principles. I am not racist and if you think about what I said for more than 10 seconds then you’re racist yourself. 

Anyways, you can read all about it in my new book “I am… Lolita- for women who want to be objectified.”


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