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I’m Not Racist, My Top Spotify Artist of 2019 was Drake

The man I will thank for my Nobel Peace Prize one day.
This year, I spent 23 hours making the world a better place. And it wasn’t hard—I just spent it with my best friend, Aubrey Drake Graham. I kinda just call him Drake though. And seeing that an artist of color was my go-to fix for all of 2019 has been kind of an a-woke-ning for me. Before I used to wonder if my deafening silence contributed towards the perpetuation of structural oppression. Now, because of Drake, I wonder aloud: Am I not racist because a black artist and some features were in my ears for a long time this year? Yes Indeed.

My playlist has all the classics. Nice for What? Slaps. God’s Plan? Bumps. Miss Me ft. Little Wayne? Fucks. Periodt. Shit, wait, I’m forgetting one song… Dammit, I’ll think of it. But also, his personality hits harder too. Like if you see interviews with him, he’s actually, like, a super cool, articulate guy. It must be because of all those years at the Degrassi Community School lmao.

Ngl, the more I look at my Spotify Top 100 Songs of 2019, the more woke I realize I actually am. We’re talkin’ Despacito ft. Justin Bieber, “You Need to Calm Down” by Taylor Swift (I’ve been on a big LGBTQ kick this year), and even that one song by that one K-Pop band. Just keep scrolling, the proof is in the playlist.

It’s not like I was ever really racist before I started listening to Drake though. Like, I have a p-set buddy in the Kuumba singers, I think. (Ayy, good luck with the performance this weekend… bro!) At this point, I’ve been sending my playlist to all my friends, trying to show them how wrong conservative…IN MY FEELINGS! That’s it! That’s the other Drake song I forgot. Yeah, I’ve actually been listening to that shit on repeat ever since Kamala dropped out, now that I think about it…
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