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Interview Tip from God: How to Answer “What's Your Greatest Weakness?”

Got get 'em, human!
By the Heavenly Father
Earthling, we’ve all been there. You show up to a job interview, dressed in your Sabbath best. You’re ready to talk about your accomplishments: turning ribs into women, letting there be light, helping your son defy death…the usual stuff. Then the interviewer hits you with the one prompt that could stump even an omniscient deity: “What's your greatest weakness?”

It may seem like a daunting question—especially if you’re an all-powerful, unerring being who can simultaneously observe the past, present, and future. But it’s not that hard if you're just honest!

For instance, just because I’m infallible doesn’t mean I don’t have flaws. Once, I left the stove on too long and caused worldwide climate change. There was also that time I sneezed and caused all those hurricanes. Sometimes I cry too much and start floods that kill most of humankind. Believe it or not, I struggle with procrastination. (My son really is going to come back, I promise! I just haven’t gotten around to it yet!)

Oh, and every now and then I don't brush my teeth twice a day.  

Mortal, it all comes down being genuine. Don’t be afraid to admit to your own shortcomings. Employers aren’t trying to trick you or pull the metaphorical rug out from under your metaphysical feet. They just want to see self-awareness.

Or you can just tell them your greatest weakness is that you work too hard. They eat that shit right up.
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