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Point-Counterpoint: Should I Wear a Jacket?

We haven't even talked about layers yet.

Point: According to your weather app it’s going to be kind of chilly.

Counterpoint: But it’s so sunny outside.

 Point: But that girl out there is wearing a sweater.

Counterpoint: But she’s also wearing shorts. Wait, what’s the point of wearing shorts and a sweater, doesn’t that just ensure at least one part of you is going to be miserably hot or cold?  

Point: Focus! You are going to be miserable if you have to walk sixteen minutes all the way to Vanserg in the cold. I mean, it's so far away most people don't even know it exists. Do you really want to walk all the way to a quasi-mythical place without a jacket to keep you warm?

Counterpoint: But Vanserg classrooms are always as hot as the surface of the sun. I will definitely drown in my own sweat if I am wearing a jacket in there. Also, the Anthropology professors there are all either old men with bad body heat regulation who wear sweater vests even when it's ninety degrees out, or Chinese teachers, and you don't know how to say "open the window" in Mandarin. 

Point: You can take your jacket off in class though right?

Counterpoint: Oh well, yeah that might work.

Point: Finally! A decision!

Counterpoint: Oh, wait. No, I just realized if it warms up outside I have to carry my jacket all the way to Vanserg. And not just that, no, then I have to carry my jacket from that quasi-mythical place on the surface of the sun to everywhere else I have to go for the rest of the day. You might think it's not a big deal right now, but suddenly you're trying to drape the jacket over your arm, and your messenger bag strap keeps getting tangled in the sleeves, and then it rains halfway through the day, and the next thing you know your jacket has fallen into a puddle, and then you're out $20 for dry cleaning. 

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