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What's so wrong about a quiet snack in class?

Look, I'm just gonna come out and say it. Sometimes I eat in class. 

But before you get all judgmental consider the circumstances. Sometimes, it's a really long class. And if you're discreet about it, there's no harm done really.
Take yesterday. I was in Intro to Economics. Now that's a pretty large class so no one's really gonna notice if you have a little snack. 
So I reached into my backpack and sort of snuck out a fruit that I'd saved from earlier. 
Fruit is usually a good choice for an in-class snack because it doesn't smell that bad. And you can sort of hide the fruit in the crook of your arm between bites, like a baby.
So anyway, I discreetly took out my watermelon while Mankiw wasn't looking. And Sanders Theatre is pretty dark anyway. And this girl looked over at me and for a second I thought she was gonna say something judgmental but I think she was just flirting with me. 
So I sort of whispered "hey, you want some?" and she gave me this really kind of shocked look. You see, most people who snack in lecture don't share which gives the rest of us a bad name. 
After that it was really simple. I just broke the watermelon over my knee (pretty cleanly I might add) and then I just sort of gnawed at the center.  I offered her one of the halves but I think she was full or something. 
Turns out, Ec 10 is the perfect class for a little secret snacking.  It was super discreet and except for a few chunks falling into the little spaces between the cushions (which by the way are actually really hard to clean out) there were no problems.




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