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“Follow Your Passion” Says Person Whose Passion Was Definitely Not to Become a Guidance Counselor

Robert Gray, a man who did not follow his passions
CAMBRIDGE, MA - Local guidance counselor Robert Gray, age 43, has reportedly been giving students the advice that they should “follow their passion” when choosing a job. This advice comes despite the fact that Gray’s ideal job has nothing to do with finding summer positions for entitled 20 year olds who were born wealthier than him.
Gray does have some other interests which he has not chosen to pursue as his main job. He really enjoys exercise and is pretty good at rock climbing. He listens to a lot of music and can sing kind of well. He always fantasized about leaving home and sailing off into the great depths of the ocean in a submarine, searching the slimy deeps for Amelia Earhart’s lost plane. Despite all this, Gray became a guidance counselor.
"It's important to choose a job you find really fulfilling," said Gray, reading an email from a student who was "too busy" to make their appointment and had to reschedule.
Gray's advisees have been wondering whether to take this advice to heart. “I think I’m going to take this job in consulting anyway,” said Orson M. Shale, ‘18, after a short chat with Gray. “I don’t think I can afford to spend too many years without a source of stable income. But I’ll definitely keep Gray’s advice in mind. And whenever people ask me for career advice, I can tell them to follow their passions, too.”
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