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AP Lit Teacher Doesn't Correct Evelyn Waugh Sex Joke

In a desperate attempt to fill his quota, Knibb High class clown Johnny Skeaky made a Hail Mary joke about a topic that he wasn't terribly informed. "Yeah, I'll revisit her Brideshead," cracked Skeaky in the middle of his afternoon AP Lit class. "He nailed it," confided a classmate who requested to remain anonymous. "We knew another one was coming, and bam, there it was. I don't think the teacher got it, though."

"I kind of goaded him on," admitted teacher Henry Higgins. "I then told them about Waugh's novel, Vile Bodies, to which Johnny responded, "Yeah, that body'll be real vile when I'm through with Evelyn.' As you can imagine, the same thing happened when I mentioned Michel Foucault. I can't decide if this is funny because of situational irony or dramatic irony. Maybe that'll be their next paper."

Higgins has resigned himself to a bothersome two weeks ahead with Charles Dickens and Emily Dickinson. "I wonder what sort of acumen Skeaky's going to bring to that discussion," he added, rolling his eyes.

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