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Area Civil War Re-Enactor Denied Job in Harvard Psychology Lab

Donovan dejected after a failed interview

Cambridge resident Freddie Lou "Stonewall" Donovan, 47, walked out of William James Hall this morning still an unemployed man after his interview to become a confederate in a Harvard psychology lab turned south.

Donovan said he was surprised when he was told that he did not have the experience necessary for the job.  "Experience!" Donovan exclaimed, "I started out as an enlisted infantryman and worked my way up to playing Stonewall Jackson. I don't know who they'll find with more experience than that!"

interviewer, post-doc Julius McEwen, said he was "a little taken aback" when a 6'4" man strolled into his office brandishing a Civil-War era sword shouting, "The South shall rise again!"

"It was pretty unusual for Cambridge," McEwen said.  "But I did my PhD at Emory, and this happens all the time down there."

Donovan did not leave William James, however, before "demanding satisfaction" from a visibly shaken Steven Pinker.

"It's definitely a blow," Donovan said of the incident but he reiterated that he wasn't "licked" yet.

As of press time, Donovan was confirmed to be dusting off a George McClellan costume from his closet in anticipation of his interview for a position with Harvard dining hall workers as a union representative.

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