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Area Grandma Likes Your Profile Picture But You Have Such a Pretty Face and Do You Really Need All That Makeup

grandma on computer
Your grandma is typing. Brace yourself.

COMMENT SECTION—Even though your grandma gave your new profile picture a like on Wednesday, she wanted to make sure you know that you have such a pretty face, and do you really need all that makeup?

Sandwiched between comments that did not embarrass you, like Kelsey's three fire emojis and Sarah's "omg gorgeous," your father's basically ancient mother commented, "dear sweetie, it's me. you look soo nice here. but you have such a sweet face, do you really need all that stuff on your eyes ??"
She capped off her comment—which every single one of your 1,642 friends can see—with "grandpa & I are going to alaska in agggust. sadie says they have great fish we'll try to take some pix & send them to you but phone hasn't been working so maybe we won't. grandpa says hello & good luck on your essay you're so bright you'll do great !! call soon !! love, grandma."
Moments later, your grandpa commented, "YOU LOOK GREAT. IF ONLY I WERE 30 YEARS YOUNGER HAHA. XOXO GRANDPA."
The recent comments follow your grandma's post on your wall last week asking why your jeans are ripped and whether you need money to buy unripped ones. At Christmas, she informed you that tattoos are for sailors, not for young women as beautiful as you are.
At press time, you were juggling the family politics of deleting your grandparents' comments with the social humiliation of letting your crush or potential employer or literally anyone see them.
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