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Area Man Looks Twice at Penis-Enlargement Spam Before Deleting It

On Sunday evening after checking through his work email account for any urgent messages, accountant Chris Peeples noticed something a little different in his inbox. In bold font, the subject line said that it would give him "More where it matters" After a brief period of consideration, Peeples reflected that the "more" in the subject line could be referring to higher revenues for his company. This consideration was further supported by the dollar sign where the "s" should have been in "matters."

Peeples was further reassured by the use of all caps which underlined the messages urgency and finally by the sender, a certain [email protected]. However, when his supervisor peaked into his cubicle, Peeples suddenly minimized the window and said his work was coming along just fine, thank you.

Peeples was unavailable for comment.

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