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Area Student has Awkward Run In With Ex-Facial Hair

Frasier and his facial hair, when they were still together

According to his roommate Joey Lo, Currier junior Alex Frasier had yet another awkward encounter in the suite bathroom with his ex-facial hair Tuesday night. According to Frasier, he was "just going in to wash [his] hands after crushing a bag of Cheetos" when he saw his ex-facial hair (nicknamed by his friends the "Ginger Monster") hanging on the side of the bathroom sink.

Frasier, while clearly not expecting the encounter, expressed little surprise at his ex's presence: "The G-Monster had always been a little clingy, but I thought I had finally made a clean break with the past.  Water under the bridge, you know?"

According to other room sources, Frasier's ex never actually left the bathroom when Frasier decided to end it.  "It was a close shave for sure," said Lo, "but at least no one drew blood."  Frasier's ex proceeded to sit in the bathroom sink for the next week, as repeated attempts to flush it down the drain with low water pressure failed to dislodge it.

Frasier said that he saw the breakup coming, as things started to get "prickly" around the second week of the quickly growing relationship. "[The Ginger Monster] wanted to be around me all the time, and I just couldn't make that kind of commitment.  Sometimes a man's gotta wonder: 'What would I look like with some sick "chops?"'"

Despite cutting his ex-facial hair out of his life only ten days ago, Frasier has already moved on, sporting a lighter, less "high-maintenance" moustache. "I'm glad Frasier has moved on, don't get me wrong," sighed Lo, "but he really needs to rinse that hair down the drain.  It's disgusting.  And he needs to stop talking to it.  He's never going to get a girlfriend if he doesn't cut that shit out.

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