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Area Theater Kid Sings Harmony to “Happy Birthday” Song, Receives Tony Award

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McMichaels belts out 'Happy Birthday'

Last weekend, a local birthday celebration was graced by the impromptu vocal prowess of Katie McMichaels, who took it upon herself to sing the harmony line at the end of the “Happy Birthday” song. Mere moments after the song’s conclusion, the entire American Theatre Wing arrived to grant her a Tony Award for Best Original Score.

“We’ve never heard talent like this before. Like, ever,” said four-time Tony host Neil Patrick Harris.

Eyewitnesses report tears welling up in their eyes uncontrollably upon hearing the sweet, sweet cadenzas of a slightly higher version of the lyrics. Rumor has it that the candles on the Funfetti cake extinguished themselves spontaneously.

“I do musical theater,” admitted McMichaels humbly. “It’s like, kind of my thing.”

Some partygoers speculated that McMichael’s dramatic vocals were a last-ditch attempt to distract from the fact that she only got the birthday boy a $10 gift card to Best Buy. But he didn’t seem to have any complaints.

“Before the song, I wasn’t sure if I was actually having a happy birthday,” confessed the birthday boy. “But once Katie opened her mouth and sang in a slightly higher pitch than everyone else… she incinerated any shred of doubt left in my mind. In fact, this may be the happiest of any happy birthday I’ve ever had.”

McMichael’s Tony acceptance speech was later interrupted by a jealous fellow birthdaygoer who insisted that, while he would let her finish, his own rendition of classic bonus verses including “Scooby Doo, on channel two" and "Frankenstein on channel nine” had been the best birthday song performance of all time.



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