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Area Woman Forced at Gunpoint to Take “Obligatory” Selfie

Grant's "obligatory" selfie was reportedly a result of being held at gunpoint.

Area woman Elisa Grant, 21, a student at Harvard College, was reportedly “traumatized” after being held up at gunpoint in a public bathroom and forced by her assailant to take an “obligatory bathroom selfie” in the mirror.

According to witnesses, the intruder followed Grant into the bathroom and intercepted her after she washed her hands, whispering, “You know what you need to do,” while holding a gun to her head. Grant reportedly realized that the lighting in the bathroom was very good, and did indeed necessitate a selfie. After Grant had tried some different options for poses and filters, the unknown gunman declared the final selfie “Insta-worthy” before vanishing into the gathering darkness.

It had been several weeks since Grant's last obligatory selfie, taken on top of the Empire State Building during a weekend trip to New York with the caption "Had to happen." Such selfies are generally well-received by her followers, although Grant enthusiast Charles Holloway commented that this most recent one "felt a little forced."   

HUPD has advised students to exercise caution and ensure that they make their obligatory study abroad or concentration declaration Facebook posts for the coming semester in a timely fashion, to avoid similar incidents.


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