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Area Woman Locks Eyes with Stranger Through Bathroom Door Gap

The site of the tragedy.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Tragedy struck 20 minutes ago when 32-year-old Melissa Scott was forced to make eye contact with a stranger through the gap between a bathroom stall door and the adjoining stall.

“As soon as I closed the door to the stall, I heard someone else walk in,” said Scott. “I had just sat down when, bam! Our eyes locked. There might as well have been no door at all.”

Scott reportedly felt her face flush before she could flush. “I kept waiting for her to look away, and I guess she kept waiting for me to look away, and neither of us looked away,” she recalled.

After relieving herself, Scott then stepped out of the stall and stood in front to get a better look. “I could see way more than I wanted to,” she whispered, perspiring nervously, “I mean, the opening was wide enough for me to get a clear view of the toilet, the toilet paper, and even that helpful handle you can hold onto for balance.”

Yet the woman with whom Scott locked eyes – Wendy Carpenter, age 21 – maintains a favorable view of the gap. “That’s how I met my best friend,” she explained with a smile.

As of press time, Scott was seen using industrial-grade masking tape in an attempt to cover up the space between the bathroom doors and telling the women waiting in line, “You’re welcome.” 


Image source: Rusty Clark - On the Air M-F 8am-noon/Flickr


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