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Boston Man Ready for 50 Minutes of Back-to-Back Classic Rock

Durden, seen here "rocking out" in his office, is in no way trying to resurrect his better, younger years.

After lowering his office blinds and tuning up his air guitar, Quincy building manager Nick Durden is ready for 50 minutes of back-to-back classic rock. “Hell yeah I’m ready for the hits,” said Durden in response to Terry Nowlin, WZLX’s Head Rockin’ DJ for the 10am to 11am time slot. 

Durden, who has "no time for commercials," said he’s been looking forward to hearing the best of the 60s, 70s and 80s all morning. “The Eagles, The Beatles, Led Zep, Def Lep, Bad Company,” said Durden. “Shoot, I’d even go for some Cheap Trick.” The South Boston native refused to turn that dial from 100.7, Boston’s home for your favorite classic rock.

“Baaaaaad company,” said Durden. “And I won’t denyyyyyyyyy.”

WZLX 100.7 “The X” is known for segments like “Rock Diaries” and the loveable-but-hardcore “Karlton & McKenzie in the Morning.” But it’s the music that keeps Durden coming back. “Music these days just ain't the same. The classics-- now that's where it's at,” said Durden, who still raves about the time he saw Styx perform live in 1978.

“Baaaaaaaaaad bad company, until the day I die.”

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