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Heterosexual Male Finally Musters Courage To Use the Facebook Love React

Brock Stone, area heterosexual
CAMBRIDGE, MA - Despite having avoided the button since its inception out of fear of being seen as emotional, and therefore gay, area straight af dude Brock Stone reacted "Love" to a post on a content aggregator Facebook page earlier today.
Brock has spent years cultivating his immaculately heterosexual image. "I always thought, I can't just throw it all away by showing my emotions to everyone online," said Brock in an interview. "In order to look straight, you have to bottle those up. But today, I'm taking a major step forward. Since, I didn't just like this video about dudes making sick basketball trick shots. I loved it. And I think it's time people saw the more sensitive side of me."
Brock's friends have been nothing but supportive. "I'm just so proud of him," said his blockmate Artie Straits. "It takes a lot of courage to come out as a guy who loves things. Good on him!"
"While I'm glad he's shown he's able to be emotional about things, I really wish he'd be capable of showing more affection toward me than toward this dumb basketball video," said Brock's girlfriend Tracy. "Oh well, I suppose it's a start."
As of press time, Brock is still straight, but he has "liked" the Facebook pages of Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, just to be safe.
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