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Learned Mystic Counsels Pupil to Stick with Sitcom Through Weak Season

Just four more episodes until all is revealed, he counsels his pupil.

ANN ARBOR, MI--Instructing his wavering tutee that "no, dude, it totally picked up again once Dan Harmon came back," local graduate student Cameron Schechter, 26, Patron Saint of the Single Camera and Apostle of Comedy Night Done Right, today encouraged his friend Aaron Mitchell, 25, to continue binging the sitcom Community even though, "yeah, Season 4 kinda blows."
"Like, there's this incredible James Bond parody in Season 6 that you're gonna love," the holy father dispensed, that he might lift his disciple's flagging spirits. It grieved him deeply, seeing this youth, once so joyous at the secrets of Inspector Space-Time and a loyal crusader for #SixSeasonsAndAMovie, now so despondent. Where Mitchell's cup ran over with quirky genre parodies, it now tasted of the bitterness of petty will-they-or-won't-they romances.
"I dunno, man, I've been getting really into The Good Place lately," the debauched heretic, enraptured by that filthy strumpet and its philosophical musing, declaimed. "It's also a great ensemble show, plus it's, like, really intelligent. I'll watch anything Mike Schur wrote, ya know?" continued the evil apostate, practically demanding his excommunication.
Yet a reconciliation of the faith appeared in the offing, as both parties united around the sacred tenet that, "Christ, The Office turned to shit in Season 7."
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