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Man Doesn't Usually Post Political Stuff, But

Smith, choosing his words carefully. Who knows what change they might effect?

CAMBRIDGE, MA - In a shocking turn of events, Currier House resident Daniel B. Smith ‘19, who describes himself as “usually not the type to post this kind of thing” has regardless decided to post a political message on Facebook anyway. Smith classified his post as “too important to ignore”, noting that “the stakes are simply too high”. He described the issue in his post as “problematic” and called for his friends to “get the word out to as many people as possible”.

“I just want to make sure everyone I know is aware of how I feel about this issue, so that they will see how correct I am and change their minds,” Smith confirmed. “Although honestly, if they have a different opinion from me on this issue, I shouldn’t even be Facebook friends with them to begin with. Just the thought of being friends with someone like that is honestly disgusting.”

“Also I would like my friends to like my post so more people can see it,” Smith disclosed. “Honestly I don’t mind if they Angry the post either. Actually that’s better than liking it, I want people to Angry my post because they should be Angry about what I’m writing. I hope I get LOADS of people to be Angry. One time, I saw one of my friends’ posts get 30 Angrys! You know, Sad would be fine too, since this situation really is Sad, once you get over how Angry you are over it.”

Smith was ecstatic later that afternoon to find that he had made 45 people Angry and 12 people Sad.

After giving the post an Angry herself, Smith’s friend Michelle Sayade ‘19 could be seen contemplating whether there was a way she could contribute to the conversation with a comment or a post of her own. After writing an in-depth post, she deleted it and decided she could spend her energy on other, more important things, such as literally anything else.

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