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Quirky Teen Fits Teeny-Tiny Personality into Teeny-Tiny Fjällräven Backpack

How did Saunders fit her whole personality in there?

WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTSOn Sunday, crowds watched in awe as local 19-year-old Rachel E. Saunders managed to fit her entire personality into an absurdly small, bright yellow Fjällräven backpack.

“That backpack is, like, a foot tall. I have no idea how someone could fit a few modestly sized books in there, much less an entire personality,” said Waltham resident Tony P. Bailey.

Observers report that Saunders was able to fill the backpack with a Neutral Milk Hotel cassette, clear-framed Warby Parker glasses, a copy of Moonrise Kingdom on Blu-Ray, and a bundled-up flannel right alongside her personality. Saunders’ 15-year-old brother was also seen fitting his whole personality into an even smaller Under Armour drawstring bag.

According to representatives at Fjällräven, the Kånken backpack has seen an upswing in popularity ever since Sage from photography class got one.

When contacted, Saunders declined to comment on her miraculous feat but did provide reporters with a link to her Bandcamp and personal Tumblr.

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