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Transvestite Wants Both Parts

Area woman Christina Houngh, sometimes referred to as area man Chris Houngh, will be trying out for both parts in the two-person play, Kindergarten.

Written by local fifth grader, Johnny Nelson, the play is about a kindergartener and his teacher who have a seemingly ordinary day -- but one that is not actually ordinary. Written as an extra-credit project, the play is to be performed at Mr. Nelson's school, Twelve Indians Middle School, and the proceeds are to be used to update the school's computer lab.

Asked on why it wanted both parts, Houngh replied, "I was born a teacher, but on the inside, I'm just a little boy."

Mr. Nelson did not reply to calls for comment on whether Houngh could have his parts.

Whether in the end Houngh has zero, one, or even two parts, many in Houngh's community are worried about the implicit and explicit transphobia during the process.  In a press release, LGBLT, Lesbian Gay Bacon Lettuce and Tomato, states, "We are very worried that people view Mr./Ms. Houngh differently because of his/her life choices. We think that having people such as Mr./Ms. Houngh at local schools would be very educational for the children."

States Houngh, "The auditions didn't go very well, but I told Johnny that if he gave me both parts, I'd give him some candy and a ride on my motorcycle. That would make both of us happy."

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