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White Uncle Convinced Nephew Just Hasn't Heard The Right Racist Joke Yet

"You just haven't heard the right one yet."
BROOKLYN, NY — Reports are in that despite previous failed attempts to lighten the dinnertime mood with prior racist jokes, local uncle Everett Smith is convinced that the next joke will finally open his nephew Steve’s eyes to the world of making fun of disadvantaged minorities. Despite his nephew’s repeated gentle, yet firm affirmations that he finds these jokes distasteful and not very funny, Everett knows deep down that once he finds the right racist joke, it will open a world of joke prejudice to him he’s currently keeping tragically bottled up.
Everett has already depleted his usual canon of jokes, which span the gamut between making fun of Latinos, black people, women, black women, and half-black, half-Latino women, all of which got distressingly cold reactions from Steve. However, digging deep within his memory palace, Everett has proven able to remember joke after joke, each getting stranger and more racist as the night has gone along.
“Everett’s perseverance is really admirable, just like I raised him” said his father, Ronald. “And one day, I’m confident he’ll push through Steve’s moral walls and finally get to him.”
As of the time of publishing, Steve was looking for a polite way to leave the table before being having to hear the punchline of Everett’s most recent joke about Mexicans.
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