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Is She an “Angry Feminist,” or A Woman With A Legitimate Concern?

Did you know angry feminists can also be women with legitimate concerns? Wow-ee!


Your girlfriend is irritated with you for speaking over her during a conversation. How do you respond? 

a) You don't understand why she's speaking so aggressively. Doesn't she understand that your mom voted for Hillary? 
b) You apologize, then try to be more conscious of the problem next time. 


The CS department runs special workshop for just female concentrators. You:

a) Complain about not being allowed. Why is there Women in Computer Science, but not Men in Computer Science?
b) Respect that women need their own spaces to overcome institutional imbalances


A black female acquaintance speaks constantly about sexual harassment and assault. Do you: 

a) Wonder why she can’t talk about anything else, like the awesome new song you released on Soundcloud
b) Reflect on how the omnipresent threat of physical harm shapes women’s experiences, especially for women of color 

A woman in your philosophy section frequently mentions feminist theory. Do you: 

a) Wish that she would hurry up so you can talk about Nietzsche
b) Acknowledge that feminist topics are not a secondary part of the syllabus and deserve attention on their own 


Your friend writes an op-ed in the Crimson about catcalling. Do you: 

a) Helpfully point out the logical fallacies in her argument, like a real feminist ally
b) Commend her for her courageousness


A woman initiates a conversation about gender imbalance in your organization. How do you respond?

a) Grumble that you "don't think it's that bad," then continue watching Rick and Morty  
b) Validate her concern publicly so she doesn't feel alienated. 


Several women post #MeToo statuses on Facebook. Do you: 

a) Scroll past them to read a new album review on Pitchfork 
b) Contemplate how emotionally draining it is for women to publicly reveal their trauma


A trans woman gets frustrated with you for repeatedly misgendering her. How do you respond?

a)     Get defensive. How can she expect you to remember her pronouns when you barely remember all of David Lynch’s movies in chronological order?
b)    Just stop misgendering


Someone asks you whether you whether you thought Al Franken should have resigned. What do you say? 

a) but … but … Trump
b) Yes -- we need to acknowledge the experiences of victims, regardless of the relative severity of the crime




Mostly as) She’s a woman with a legitimate concern! Isn’t it wild that emotion is societally stigmatized as a sign of "irrational” behavior? Avoid taking her concerns seriously by reminding everyone that you're a feminist, but that you "disagree with her tactics"! 

Mostly bs) She's a woman with a legitimate concern! Use your male privilege to amplify her voice when she speaks, because the self-proclaimed woke dude in her section won't. 


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