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Area Man ‘Likes’ Dead Dog Facebook Post Anyway

Facebook has finally captured the entire range of human emotion.

DENVER, CO -- While casually perusing his Facebook timeline, area teen George Howard scrolled past a post highlighting the recent death of his neighbor’s cousin’s boyfriend’s dog, Sparky. After reading both the five paragraph essay and a commemorative, original poem entitled “An Ode to Sparky,” he stared into the eyes of the now-deceased puppy in the photograph attached below the status update.

“That sucks,” Howard thought to himself as he dragged his cursor over the thumbs-up at the bottom of the post. He paused as an array of little yellow faces popped up on his screen. Momentarily confused, he moved his mouse pointer over the faces one by one and watched each emoticon enlarge.

Howard continued this for a few seconds, rubbing the back of his neck and occasionally glancing up into the deep eyes of the Beagle-Terrier mix. He paused a bit too long over the "Haha" option before placing the cursor back on the thumbs-up and giving it a hearty click.

Howard then recklessly scrolled down with a swipe of his fingertip, eventually landing on a post about a new pair of hand-crocheted mittens from his grandma.


Image Source: Facebook

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