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Area Man Yells at TV, Changes Sports Outcome

Leftwich, pictured moments before his snacks were flung across the room in an outburst of righteous and causally potent anger.

BOSTON, MA - After a lifetime of insisting to his wife that homegrown enthusiasm really can change the spirit of a sports game, 56-year-old Bob Leftwich finally emerged victorious after the Patriots miraculously won the Super Bowl on a last minute touchdown.

Somehow balancing an open beer on his gut without spilling, Leftwich grew increasingly livid at his TV when Tom Brady wasn’t producing the god-like plays that he expected.

According to sources, he took his anger out on the referees, screaming at them, “Hey ref, can I pet your seeing-eye dog?”

Leftwich’s actions immediately took effect as the refs could be seen moving to converse with Patriots coach Bill Belichick on the sideline. The TV appeared to sparkle and pink dust covered the screen for a split second. Shortly after, Brady’s near-touchdown pass that was originally ruled out of bounds was overturned by the refs, ultimately leading to the Pats’ victory.

Leftwich reacted abruptly as his efforts came to fruition, spilling bacon-topped potato skins and seven-layer dip all over the room in the process.

Leftwich’s confidence was at an all-time high. He knew that he had single-handedly improved the lives of millions. With his newfound powers, he immediately swore next season’s loyalty to the Detroit Lions, assured of his ability to break the Bobby Layne curse and end the team's 60 year championship drought.

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