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Betsy DeVos Takes Moral Stand, Sits Back Down

DeVos adjusting to her new position.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Last week, after President Trump made clear that he wanted to revoke protections for transgender students, many were surprised that Secretary Betsy Devos stood up for transgender rights and opposed Trump. DeVos, however, sat back down shortly afterward.

While she was still standing up, Secretary DeVos told reporters, “We really should consider the needs of the people of our nation before petty politics. Wait, one second, I have to take this.” As her phone buzzed, she quickly walked to the corner of the room. “Yes. Yes. I understand. I’m sorry. I understand,” she spoke into her phone.

After returning, she sat down and clarified her position: “So actually, turns out I no longer believe what I just said. Thank you.”

Despite the Trump administration’s unwillingness to let transgender men go into the men’s restroom, they have been adamant that Trump should be allowed to go into the women’s one at any time he pleases.

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