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Chris Christie Drops Off President’s Day Gift on White House Doorstep

Christie surreptitiously delivers his President's Day gift for President Trump.

WASHINGTON – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie deposited his carefully selected President’s Day gift for Donald Trump on the White House doorstep in the early hours of Monday morning.

“I wanted to be the first to wish him a Happy President’s Day, you know?” admitted a suddenly blushing Christie to a pool of reporters. “I got him a set of golden eating utensils for the White House kitchen. You know how he loves to eat!” said Christie with a chuckle.

According to sources close to the President, Christie’s gift included a Hallmark card with an image of George Washington on the cover next to the quote, “I cannot tell a lie: You’re a great President!”

The same sources indicated that Trump was more confused than appreciative.

“He was like, ‘What the fuck is it with this guy?’ and then chucked them in the trash,” said a White House staffer on condition of anonymity. “I have to admit I don’t understand what’s up with Christie either. I think Trump enjoys this little game, though.”

At press time, Christie added that he has already picked out Trump’s gift for Father’s Day.

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