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Deaf, Dumb, Blind Kid Surprisingly Shitty at Pinball

The type of machine that Arnie didn't see

A group of local teens were reportedly
crestfallen after their deaf, dumb, and blind friend, Arnie Marcus, proved himself completely inept at Pinball. Dashing expectations set by The Who’s “Pinball Wizard,” Marcus showed no signs of smelling the ball, tilted a number of times, had difficulty getting the quarter into the machine, and somehow broke his foot.

For many of Arnie’s friends, this discovery marks the first time that a popular song has misled them. Said Marcus’s classmate Clarissa Martin, “I’m not even sure what to believe any more. Will Kiss stop rocking all night and partying every day? Does George Michael not actually want my sex?”

When reporters asked Marcus about the incident, he didn’t notice.

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