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Donald Trump Fires Champagne Manager

A staffer for the Trump champagne attempts to keep his Arizona decanter red.

NEW YORK, NY--Earlier this week, Donald Trump fired his champagne manager, Jean-Baptiste Aubigné, in a strategic move after months of what many considered to be questionable champagne-related decisions. It is believed that this change may lead to a broader change of the champagne's tone and presentation moving forward.

Critics of Aubigné complained that, under his leadership, the champagne appeared reluctant to cater to its dry, oaky base, a style that made the Trump champagne extremely popular among white, male sommeliers without college degrees. They likewise cite his shady ties to corrupt Russian wineries. Given Aubigné's failure to deliver customers with more moderate tastes, it is believed that his successor, Stéphane Banon, will attempt to restore the Trump champagne's signature tasteless, unrefined style. Many in the media have likewise speculated that Banon may help Trump's champagne become lively and effervescent again after going flat from too much exposure. 
While it remains to be seen what effect this move will have on the Trump champagne, but most Americans hope for a less bitter tone and more tannins.
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