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Fast and Furious Director Regrets Paul Walker's Death in "Fiery, Badass Explosion"

Paul Walker is so bad-ass.

James Wan, who was slated to direct the seventh installment of the Fast and the Furious film series expressed his grief today upon learning of the death of film star Paul Walker in an auto accident. 

"I was truly saddened to hear of Paul's death" said Wan in a press conference.  "When I got the phone call telling me that he died when his friend's totally bitchin' Porsche Carrera GT crashed into a tree and incinerated him in a giant, hellish firestorm that looked like it erupted from the depths of Tartarus, I was absolutely crushed.  I guess it's just ironic that he died in the same kind of explosive and wildly awesome collision that our special effects guys spend millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours trying to simulate.  What a waste...of, uh, such a precious young life."

Unconvinced that Walker's death was purely accidental, Wan called on local residents (especially those with cinematographic experience) to submit any footage they may have captured of the crash. 


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