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Knicks Fans Blame Isiah Thomas for Mortgage Crisis

Coping with a losing record and a growing home mortgage crisis, New York Knicks fans are blaming head coach Isiah Thomas for their misfortune.

"He can't manage the salary cap, he can't win a game, and he can't even get away with sexual harassment," lamented
one fan. "Clearly, if the mortgage
crisis is anyone's fault, it's his."

Thomas, who has led the team to five straight losing seasons, tried to downplay the accusations of his misconduct.

"I won't answer questions about the economy, but I will say that I think we're about to turn the corner as a team," he insisted with a forced smile. "We got Eddy and Zach finally clicking
on the inside. Jamal is taking better shots, Steph has returned to the team, and Ben Bernanke plans to cut interest rates by a full quarter-point sometime early next week. We're going to be contenders real soon."

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