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Malia Obama to Doze Off in Expos 20, But Not Until 2017

President Obama and Malia react to the suggestion that she join Teach for America when she graduates with the class of 2021.
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Malia Obama, the daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, has to decided to doze off a little in Expos 20: Darwinian Dating after taking one gap year. The decision to defer acceptance to Harvard College is undertaken by around 100 students per year, who decide for a variety of reasons to wait one year before eventually falling asleep in their respective 20-level expository writing classes.
In the final months of the year, Malia will also figure out how to unsubscribe from annoying email lists and avoid going to the Quad. She will at one point reflect on why she chose to matriculate at a school that is aggressively miserable and full of geeks, but, again, not until she returns from her year off.
The current high school senior is also reportedly looking forward to choking down a red-spiced chicken breast hurriedly and with significant self-disgust- again- next August.
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