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Man Takes To Street On Hands and Knees, Donning Four Legged Pants

Ridder's dog, wearing his pants like they were meant to be worn.

CHICAGO, IL— In response to a recent viral Facebook post that has triggered ongoing debate about the proper way for a dog to wear pants, local resident and social justice enthusiast Bobby Ridder has taken to the streets to prove what he believes to be the correct answer.

“I had to take a stand,” said the avid four legged pant supporter. “Ever since I was right about that blue and black dress, I consider it my civic duty to prove what I know to be true.”

Witnesses reportedly saw Ridder crawling down the sidewalks of downtown Chicago shouting inaudibly about what is assumed to be the superior qualities of the four legged pants.

“I didn’t let him in my store,” said one local shop owner. “I said he could come in if he stood up, but he refused.”

“You know that glare you shoot at squatters asking for money? I gave him that one,” said Minnie Madewell, resident WASP.

Ridder’s boss at McIntyre and Biteman Law Firm, Ron Biteman, said he told Ridder that walking on all fours at the office was both unprofessional and unnerving. “The pants don’t exactly fall within our dress code, either,” Biteman added.  

“I uninvited him to Career Day at my school,” added Ridder’s third grade son Bobby Junior. 

Ridder, for his part, has continued to wear the four legged pants. His wife, Linda, was seen filing for divorce.

Image source: Muddy Mutts/Facebook, via Mashable

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