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Man Who Supported Mass Deportations, Authoritarianism Inspires Rich Liberals to Fight Mass Deportations, Authoritarianism

By some estimates, Hamilton has even broken Rent's record for number of upper-middle-class people indulged.
NEW YORK, NY--Still dominating Broadway over a year after opening, Hamilton: An American Musical has become a rallying point for the American Left. Starting with the cast's open letter to Mike Pence, the show has galvanized well-meaning white people in a way that would have horrified its fascistic protagonist.
"I'm blown away by the support we've gotten," announced the show's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. "The number of [pricks from the Upper West Side] who have [looked past Hamilton leading the army against US citizens and supporting the jailing of journalists] is incredible. It's so great to see people [using a man who wanted to deport immigrants who opposed his policies] in such a constructive way."
"His story is just so inspirational," reported Linda Greenblatt, an Evanston resident who has seen the Chicago production twice. "An immigrant revolutionary [who supported a law to purge the country of people like him that served as precedent for Japanese internment] is exactly the hero we need in Trump's America. I just get so choked up thinking about how this man with nothing [abandoned those like him and supported depriving low-income Americans of the right to vote]."
At this moment, the speaker in her Prius began playing "One Last Time," leaving Greenblatt too emotional to continue.
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