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No Immigrants Left to Build Immigrant Wall

Wall construction has come to a grinding halt

With a sudden rash of immigrant deportations sweeping Texas, there seems to be no one left to build an immigrant-restrictive wall along the Mexican border.

“Dios mio! Salsa y quesadilla!” said Enrique Carlos Ricardo De La Rosa Santos IV, an illegal Mexican immigrant who was recently deported from the United States. Ironically, Santos IV had been working on the barrier at the time of his deportation.

Congress has issued 1.2 billion dollars for the building of the barrier, which will extend by 700 miles the Tortilla Wall built in the 1990s. Of this money, a full $100,000 has been set aside for the required workers.

Jim Bob Ledford, a citizen of Holdem, Texas, expressed dismay at the lack of a concrete wall in his backyard but refused to entertain the possibility of letting in Mexicans to do the job. Ledford, a member of the Minutemen—bravely taking time off from fighting the British militia—said “think of all them cocaine stuffed dogs they’d let in! Drugs! They against the Bible, you know.”

Santos IV was dismissive of the canine narcotic accusations and pleaded
to be allowed to work on the wall. “I need nothing! I would really like to work here. Por favor? GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

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