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Obama Regrets Making Sad Face in 2009

Obama unravels it all in a 2009 press conference with the Watergate of facial expressions

“You know, the one where I scrunch up my chin and look real sad?” said a graying and tired Obama. “One photo—whole presidency down the crapper.”

After five years of attack commercials, “Repeal Obamacare?” popup surveys, disparaging novelty mugs, “Republicans hate him” sidebar ads, pessimistic Washington Post story photos, Rage Face memes, and yard signs, President Barack Obama admits he deeply regrets making that frown in a press conference on March 7th, 2009.  

Obama expressed remorse over the flood of media that took advantage of the unfortunate picture from his early days as President, including Fox News graphics, TIME covers, and Mitch McConnell’s cover photo.

“Jesus, it was just one facial expression made in passing. Where does it end?” said Obama, gently stroking a portrait of a younger and smiling version of himself.

“It’s everywhere,” said Obama, unphotogenically. “This is a frown I just can’t turn upside down.”

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