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Obama, Trump Bond Over a Game of Drone Strikes

Obama and Trump talk to reporters about the fun they had playing Drone Strikes.
WASHINGTON - As tensions appear to mount between President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump, the two met at the White House today to get to know each other better by playing a rousing game of drone strikes.
"Ooo, look Barack! I got one!" said Trump as Obama showed him the ropes this afternoon in the Situation Room.
"Uh, actually, you missed. You were supposed to hit the Taliban hideout next to the playground," responded Obama. "But no worries. Happens all the time."
The incoming and current presidents, who have little else in common, hit it off right away once they decided to abandon their discussion about sustainable energy policy in favor of raining hell fire down on innocent civilians thousands of miles away.
"You know what, you're not half bad, Barack," admitted Trump as he closed in on his next target.
"Thanks Donald...Donald...DONALD! Jesus, another playground! You're falling behind fast," said Obama, subtracting from Trump's overall score. "You can't beat Barry at this game!"
As the two were playing, First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by with a platter of all-natural snacks. "I didn't want to interrupt the boys while they were playing their game, so I just left it on the table." said the First Lady. "You know how presidents can be about their little war crime games!"
At press time, sources confirm Trump asked Obama to order the NSA to reveal Rosie O'Donnell's home address. 
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