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Paul Ryan Sheepishly Inquires About When Tax Cuts Will Begin

A defiant Speaker Ryan will stop at nothing until he ensures there will be fiscally responsible fascism.

WASHINGTON — After a week in which President Donald Trump imposed sweeping immigration restrictions, pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, directed the construction of a wall along the US-Mexican border, and began to dismantle Obamacare, among other things, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sheepishly inquired about when tax cuts would begin.

“M-m-mister P-p-president?” began Ryan as he cautiously approached the President’s desk. “I just wanted to say you’re doing a great job—tremendous, in fact,” Ryan added with a forced chuckle.

“Not that I want to step on your toes or anything, but do you have any idea when you want to start cutting taxes? Again I’m not trying to rush you or anything—”

“Look Paul, I know you’re a huge fan of tax cuts,” said Trump in a dismissive tone. “And we’ll be cutting taxes big league. Just not right now, okay? Everyone agrees this week has been a home run,” declared Trump as his advisers, including Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, returned Trump’s thumbs-up.

“You’re right; I get it. I should have never asked,” replied an embarrassed Ryan. “I’ll just, uh, I’ll just leave this here,” said Ryan as he place a binder titled “How to Dismantle the Social Safety Net Give Americans More Choices” on the President’s desk.

“And if you want to talk or anything, you know how to reach me,” said Ryan as he made the phone call symbol with his thumb and pinkie finger, accidentally banged his shin on the coffee table, and promptly exited the Oval Office.

Reports indicate President Trump used the binder as kindling during a White House vigil for victims of persecution by the mainstream media.

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