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Seymour Krelborn Comes Out in Favor of GMOs


After the unexpected death of local Mushnik’s Flower Shop owner and namesake Mr. Mushnik, former shop assistant and current de facto-owner Seymour Krelborn has come out in support of genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs. 

When asked why the de facto owner of a flower shop would want to set up an impromptu press conference outside the storefront to declare is support for GMOs, Krelborn responded, “Don’t worry about it, okay?”

Krelborn has spearheaded a new community movement entitled Feed Me Some MORE... of those GMOs!

“GMOs pose absolutely no harm to the average consumer,” said Krelborn, surrounded by vegetation. “The scientific evidence against them is completely unfounded.”

“D-d-didn’t I say don’t worry about it?” said Krelborn, sweat dripping down his forehead, in response to questions about any scientific evidence that contradicts his claims.

“Suddenly Seymour seems really into the pro-GMO movement,” said Krelborn’s coworker Audrey. “And I just can’t figure out why.”

Krelborn has asked members of the community to send him samples of their blood in order to “conduct some research” on the effects of GMOs on humans.

When asked whether he was legally or professionally qualified to conduct such tests, Krelborn replied, “Well, uh, somebody has a lot of questions, don’t they?”